Terms of User

    • This policy outlines Gamma Terms of Use and Terms. By using any Gamma service, you agree to be bound by and from time to time be bound by the following terms of this document and the terms of others referenced herein what changes may result to these guidelines.
  • 1. Fair Use Policy:

    • Gamma wants all members to use their services wisely, which is why customers who make inappropriate demands on the service may be cut back to ensure the best service for all members.
  • 2. Infringement of copyright and illegal content

    • Gamma cannot and will not verify the information flowing through its services; it is your responsibility to determine the legal status of any content that you use or copy through any gamma service.
    • For information on how Gamma deals with copyright infringement, see gamma copyright policy. Gamma Copyright Policy incorporated by reference.
  • 3. Compensate and keep safe:

    • You are responsible for all actions related to your account. As a condition of performance, you agree to Gamma, its employees, collaborators, agents, shareholders and partners for any reason of action arising from your account for the use or exploitation of the Service to be withdrawn, to compensate and to keep harmless.
  • 4. General terms

    • Gamma can provide a variety of tools to help you spread your only recommended link. You can also share your only recommended link via email and social media. Gamma reserves the right to cancel the RAF program at any time change or terminate temporarily or permanently (or in part) with or without notice. Gamma is not responsible for any modification, suspension or termination of the RAF program. Any fraud or abuse may result in the immediate termination of your account.
  • 5. Changes to the guidelines:

    • Gamma reserves the right to change, add to, or revoke our policies or terms of use at any time without notice. It is the member's responsibility to keep up to date with our current terms of use, including any other policies mentioned therein.
  • 6. Terms of use:

    • By logging into a Gamma service, you agree to the Gamma Terms of Use, including any other guidelines incorporated by reference.